Elevating Multi-Channel Engagement Practices – Part 3: Detailed and Accurate Reporting

Elevating Multi-Channel Engagement Practices – Part 3: Detailed and Accurate Reporting

In the final part of CIA Omnigage’s thought leadership series on how firms can elevate multi-channel customer engagement, we’ll examine the importance of detailed and accurate reporting for improved data management and client engagement. As firms adjust to new working arrangements beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, instituting a system with strong, resilient data solutions with robust capabilities will be essential. 

Data-Driven Insights & Integrity

Customers put their trust in technology providers to keep their information safe and have the ability to gain actionable insights from their data. Unless processed and presented in a succinct and streamlined way for both firms and customers, raw data is ineffective. When using a multi-channel communications platform like Omnigage, users are able to easily connect data silos and move between multiple CRMs, all while keeping information secure.

Quantifiable data not only creates more opportunities for the customer and service provider, but it helps improve automation in client communications. With comprehensive, accurate reporting, firms are able to turn intel into action and proactively address customer needs.

Customization is King 

Workflow efficiency creates more room to customize and evolve client campaigns. With the ability to export data, filter on time and choose between different programming techniques, firms can take a more well-rounded and integrated approach to client relationship management. 

Customer satisfaction lies within the accuracy of data and information, and relying on countless spreadsheets and lists leaves little room for organization and customization. A system like Omnigage that can coordinate everything from messaging, data reporting, and user analytics – all under one umbrella – fosters a more personalized multi-channel engagement experience and provides greater transparency into how customer engagement can be enhanced further.

As firms adjust to what life looks like beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, instituting a multi-channel communications platform with strong, resilient data management solutions and robust capabilities will be essential. 

Accurate analytics and detailed data reporting for both clients and customers as regulations tighten can serve as high-level multi-channel communication tactics. These practices must be embraced to display better organization, data visualization and an even broader range of capabilities moving forward.

Communications and Fintech – Part 2: Quantifying Customer Engagement

Communications and Fintech – Part 2: Quantifying Customer Engagement

By Joe Vaccarella and Indy Sarker

Customer and service provider dynamics are evolving and as a result, so must the way in which firms evaluate the customer experience. Companies are beginning to enact long-term remote working practices with the right tools in place, the customer experience can be analyzed, quantified, and improved over time to ensure workflows are always at optimal levels.

After exploring the importance of flexibility in Part 1 of our Communications and Fintech series, Part 2 will examine how to quantify the customer experience, how this can improve best practices, and how engagement analytics can help personalize and ultimately maximize every experience.

Why Numbers Matter

Quantifying customer engagement with clean data in a secure environment with a user-friendly and modern interface was the genesis of the Omnigage Platform. Omnigage’s partnership with ANALEC provides the broker-dealers and investment research service providers with an added layer of security and quality control on their client engagement activities. Numbers always tell a story. Converting interactions with clients into data-points and triggers allows far effective follow-up and greater levels of accuracy in meeting customer needs and aspirations over time. Incorporating these data-driven insights into strategies allows firms to turn intel into action and proactively address customer needs.

Through data and machine learning capabilities, a good multi-channel communications platform can suggest and create customer engagement campaigns that fit workflows and provide significant bespoke content delivery to enrich the client servicing experience. Smart analytics and consumer preferences are a key facet of Omnigage that gradually enhance its intelligence.

Quantifiable data not only creates more opportunities for the customer and service provider, but it helps foster more personalized relationships.

The Ultimate Customer Experience

Deciphering the “ultimate customer experience” can be tricky under certain circumstances, but Omnigage and ANALEC make it simple. ANALEC’s proactive management reporting and ability to tag conversations with relevant insights and inferences paired with Omnigage’s best call times and granular metrics offer a best-in-class service that fully understands the scope of any customer’s needs.

For instance, the Corporate Access process has historically been driven by in-person meetings coordinated by major banks that connect institutional investors with corporate management teams. With these events occurring in a virtual-only environment the past three months, data can illustrate which communication tools are being enacted, how long they are being used, and what facets of these tools may need to be improved so that the overall experience is more personable and efficient.

Our Bigger Picture

Customer engagement dynamics will continue to evolve as companies gravitate towards long-term remote working conditions in a post-COVID environment. Blast messaging, SMS, email, webinars, and other methods of digital communication will become integral parts of the daily workflows.

As workflows and habits evolve, so will the data. The firms that take a hard look at the details these data insights provide are those that will prosper in this increasingly remote and digital ecosystem that will undoubtedly become the new normal.

How Call Logging Can be Beneficial to your Business

How Call Logging Can be Beneficial to your Business

Why would you need the capability to use call logging software in your customer tracking? Call logging features contain important information, such as the phone number, the call time, and status of the call. In today’s business world call logging has become a key component that can improve your customer service experience and boost sales productivity. Call logging software allows you to view past interactions with a contact giving you the knowledge to have an intelligent conversation and proceed with the next steps, improving the agent/client relationship.

The new Omnigage multi-channel engagement platform can enable you to receive advanced reporting and have the ability to track inbound and outbound performance. Having the ability to view past calls is a game-changer for many types of businesses and can revolutionize the way people communicate. Omnigage also allows you to log emails and texts and can easily integrate into any CRM system.

Top Benefits of Call Logging

  • Tasks and reminders
  • Best call time
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Automation

Data and Reporting

One benefit of call logging is that it allows you to track valuable data about each of your agent’s inbound and outbound calls and determine how the agent engaged with that customer. As a result, this can help enhance your call center’s productivity and will give you the feedback you need to productively communicate with your clients.

Improved Customer Service

Another benefit of call logging is that it replaces the time-consuming effort of manual logging each call whether it’s for your sales team or contact center. This helps save time and money and allows your customer service team to concentrate on more calls. You can also track your team’s performance and see if there might be any room for improvement based on results.

If you would like to learn more about our engagement platform Omnigage and how it can help make your CRM more feature-rich please feel free to reach out to our sales team at sales@callcia.com.

Archiving and Documenting Conference Calls in a Regulated Environment

Archiving and Documenting Conference Calls in a Regulated Environment

Hosted conference calls, particularly large earnings calls, are important events for companies in every sector, and they allow callers to convey information to potentially thousands of people. However, some conference call services indirectly limit the way you can use these calls with the absence of digital transcripts and playback

Free conference call services do not typically provide transcripts or recordings after a conference call, but members of our teams will be happy to type a physical transcript of the conference call and make sure that everyone who happened to miss the conference call can still receive all the important information.

Transcription Services Benefits

This transcription service also allows a conference call to be much more than a typical live meeting. Organizations sometimes use our conference call service for smaller scale calls like brainstorming sessions between senior team members before deciding how to disseminate this information to the larger team not present on the call.   A transcript allows for careful editing so that only pertinent information is released to the larger group or external audience. Companies have the flexibility to send these transcripts to callers from within their own company or to outside companies to convey transparency and compliance, as well as for future reference in later projects,  These transcriptions can also be kept secure, so your company’s private information remains just that.

Digital Recording Benefits

Digital recordings add additional versatility to conference calling because the entire call can be shared later with the chosen audience or retrieved by participants for reference.   Having the option of transcription or digital recording provides an essential tool to organizations with premium conference calling needs.

Compliance Benefits Of Premium Conference Calling

Companies are regulated by many agencies and have strict documentation requirements that they must follow so that there is a detailed trail of all communications.  Client Instant Access has been a major asset to the largest Wall Street Banks and leading companies in Healthcare so that they meet the strict compliance requirements of their industries.  As a result, companies can have easy access to these calls via digital recordings and transcripts that they store in their archives.

Why The Largest Fortune 500 Companies Rely On Us

In a world where privacy and security is critical, it’s beneficial to have access to a reliable conference call center that is secure and robust. Many of the largest fortune 500 companies have come to rely on us to provide the highest level of service and quality for hosting large group conference calls, hosted earnings calls and hosted event calls that require maximum security and reliability.

Find Your Lost Customers – Proactive Communication Campaigns Using A CRM Dialer

Find Your Lost Customers – Proactive Communication Campaigns Using A CRM Dialer

Get Proactive: connect with clients, motivate your team and build revenue with a web-based dialer application

It is a common dilemma: how does a company reach out to customers that have fallen off the radar, either because of expired billing information, lapsed renewals, or any number of factors that conspire to disengage them? Customer retention is a problem that plagues companies across industries, in firms big and small, and is especially prevalent in our subscription-based economy. Improving retention requires outreach, rep motivation, and a robust response rate. Often, companies rely on email reminders to find and re-engage their lost customers. And yet, with a click of a mouse or a swipe of a screen, an email is likely to be deleted and unread, with no means of tracking the receipt or verifying the accuracy of the address.

There’s a better solution. To truly retain customers, companies must abandon their passive approach and embrace a proactive method that is data-driven and designed for maximum customer contact. A web-based dialer application that is proactive is the superior solution: it is cost-effective, provides instant feedback, and can be used to incentivize a customer service team to transform into a customer search and rescue party.

Web-based CRM  Dialer applications, such as CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer, are proactive because they engage customers in personalized contact and meaningful outreach. A CRM Dialer efficiency allows a team to quickly and easily call and communicate with large numbers of customers at minimal expense. It integrates in-depth reporting data and real-time feedback. A CRM Dialer also offers a “voice drop” feature, enabling users to record a voicemail message prior to beginning their call session. Each time a user reaches a contact’s voicemail they can “drop” the pre-recorded message into the contact’s voice mailbox and proceed to their next call.

Using a CRM Dialer, a proactive communication campaign can be mounted that motivates customer service representatives to re-engage lost customers and build retention. First, managers can mandate a specific number of calls per month per representative. Second, if an employee exceeds the mandated number of calls he/she would receive a small commission. Third, an additional commission would be given for amassing a certain number of minutes engaged with customers. And finally, a more generous commission can be paid on any revenues gained as a result of their calls. CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer application provides all the data required by management to effectively monitor this type of incentive campaign. It provides real-time feedback, including information on the calls made, the call result, and total time connected.

The end result of this search and rescue campaign? More customers found, more customers re-engaged, more customers retained and, of course, more customers adding revenue to your bottom line.

For more information on CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer application, visit www.callcia.com or call (973) 439-0088.