Archiving and Documenting Conference Calls in a Regulated Environment

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Blog, Compliance, Conference Calling, MiFID 2

Hosted conference calls, particularly large earnings calls, are important events for companies in every sector, and they allow callers to convey information to potentially thousands of people. However, some conference call services indirectly limit the way you can use these calls with the absence of digital transcripts and playback

Free conference call services do not typically provide transcripts or recordings after a conference call, but members of our teams will be happy to type a physical transcript of the conference call and make sure that everyone who happened to miss the conference call can still receive all the important information.

Transcription Services Benefits

This transcription service also allows a conference call to be much more than a typical live meeting. Organizations sometimes use our conference call service for smaller scale calls like brainstorming sessions between senior team members before deciding how to disseminate this information to the larger team not present on the call.   A transcript allows for careful editing so that only pertinent information is released to the larger group or external audience. Companies have the flexibility to send these transcripts to callers from within their own company or to outside companies to convey transparency and compliance, as well as for future reference in later projects,  These transcriptions can also be kept secure, so your company’s private information remains just that.

Digital Recording Benefits

Digital recordings add additional versatility to conference calling because the entire call can be shared later with the chosen audience or retrieved by participants for reference.   Having the option of transcription or digital recording provides an essential tool to organizations with premium conference calling needs.

Compliance Benefits Of Premium Conference Calling

Companies are regulated by many agencies and have strict documentation requirements that they must follow so that there is a detailed trail of all communications.  Client Instant Access has been a major asset to the largest Wall Street Banks and leading companies in Healthcare so that they meet the strict compliance requirements of their industries.  As a result, companies can have easy access to these calls via digital recordings and transcripts that they store in their archives.

Why The Largest Fortune 500 Companies Rely On Us

In a world where privacy and security is critical, it’s beneficial to have access to a reliable conference call center that is secure and robust. Many of the largest fortune 500 companies have come to rely on us to provide the highest level of service and quality for hosting large group conference calls, hosted earnings calls and hosted event calls that require maximum security and reliability.