How Call Logging Can be Beneficial to your Business

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Blast Voice Mail, Blog, Communications, Compliance, Customer Service, Omnigage, Success Stories

Why would you need the capability to use call logging software in your customer tracking? Call logging features contain important information, such as the phone number, the call time, and status of the call. In today’s business world call logging has become a key component that can improve your customer service experience and boost sales productivity. Call logging software allows you to view past interactions with a contact giving you the knowledge to have an intelligent conversation and proceed with the next steps, improving the agent/client relationship.

The new Omnigage multi-channel engagement platform can enable you to receive advanced reporting and have the ability to track inbound and outbound performance. Having the ability to view past calls is a game-changer for many types of businesses and can revolutionize the way people communicate. Omnigage also allows you to log emails and texts and can easily integrate into any CRM system.

Top Benefits of Call Logging

  • Tasks and reminders
  • Best call time
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Automation

Data and Reporting

One benefit of call logging is that it allows you to track valuable data about each of your agent’s inbound and outbound calls and determine how the agent engaged with that customer. As a result, this can help enhance your call center’s productivity and will give you the feedback you need to productively communicate with your clients.

Improved Customer Service

Another benefit of call logging is that it replaces the time-consuming effort of manual logging each call whether it’s for your sales team or contact center. This helps save time and money and allows your customer service team to concentrate on more calls. You can also track your team’s performance and see if there might be any room for improvement based on results.

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