Communications and Fintech – Part 1: Flexibility at the Core

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Blog, Omnigage

By Joe Vaccarella and Indy Sarker

At the core of any financial technology provider must be flexibility. Financial institutions rely on their fintech partner’s nimbleness when it comes to addressing unexpected market turbulence and seamlessly navigating the evolving industry landscape. With global issues such as COVID-19 impacting business continuity and daily workflows, flexible and easy-to-deploy-and-use technology has never been more important. 

Omnigage and ANALEC recently partnered to address business continuity and communication hurdles that traders and analysts are facing with their client base as firms continue to operate remotely during the Coronavirus pandemic. By providing secure and compliant multi-channel communication solutions, the collaboration is allowing institutions to access new peaks of productivity during a time of uncertainty.

Tools that Turn the Tides

The needs of a financial institution can change overnight and a solution that provides everything in one secure and compliant location is essential. Having the right tools that can be deployed quickly can be the difference between a new client relationship and a lost one. 

Services like detailed call tracking, click-to-dial, and compliant, role-based permissions go hand-in-hand with platforms like Omnigage, and with ANALEC’s call list management with its CRM, data can be leveraged for strategic decision-making without any loss of engagement time. Omnigage’s multi-channel communications platform integrates seamlessly with any commercial or native CRM, enabling firms to increase productivity across the organization. When paired with ANALEC’s CRM capabilities, investment banks and brokers get a significant leg up when it comes to tactically engaging their clients and delivering their high-value services like Corporate Access. 

A Secure Environment

As many vendors adjust their solutions to address data security concerns and ensure that everything falls within compliance parameters, expectations of a flexible fintech solution have increased. Systems that provide multi-faceted communication tools must first address the rampant cybersecurity issues that firms are encountering in the work-from-home dynamic. If security and compliance parameters are not addressed, flexible technology quickly becomes an afterthought. 

To continue performing at optimal levels, financial institutions need to foster a workplace that not only streamlines communication and investment research delivery, but also provides relationship risk management for clients and employees. With Omnigage and ANALEC, solutions can be deployed overnight as opposed to over several months. Firms are never left scrambling to find their next solution and will always have access to the best data and communication tools. 

As financial institutions continue to adapt to what has become the new normal of a remote and virtual workplace, the marriage of Omnigage and ANALEC not only provides the security and and flexibility firms need – but the peace of mind that their technology will not hinder their ability to service customers in the most secure and engaging manner.