Blast Voicemail and a CRM Dialer Help Theaters Fill Seats

Blast Voicemail and a CRM Dialer Help Theaters Fill Seats

One of the theater industries’ biggest challenges is selling out shows.  While shows like Hamilton and The Lion King may have no trouble with this, most playhouses are not as famous as Broadway.

However, CIA’s products help theaters distinguish themselves and draw larger audiences.  The unique voice central products help theater executives reach their customers in a more direct, efficient way.

The Blast Voicemail product helps theaters let their regular audiences know that there is a premier, or an event happening.  With a pre-existing contact list, the theater can immediately drop a voicemail into their mailbox and view the metrics of the success rate of the drop.

This ultimately lets people know and stay connected to the theater.  A voicemail is much more personal than a text or email and allows the caller to have some creativity in terms of how they would like to let their audience know about a show.

If a theater were to set up a regular voicemail schedule, their contact list would grow and they could attract more revenue and a larger clientele.

When theaters are looking for actors, they can also utilize the Integrated CRM Dialer.  Taking a list of actor contacts, the theater can call actors individually and inform them of an audition.  Doing this allows theaters to reach more actors and ultimately get a higher quality of acting.

As the contact list of actors grows, the possibility of a great actor taking the lead of a play also grows.  This great actor will attract more audiences, which will attract more revenue.

Using the low-cost CRM Dialer and Blast Voicemails are incredibly advantageous to theater companies.  Calling CIA can help improve theater revenue and ultimately increase their popularity.