CIA Omnigage and Singletrack announce partnership for Capital Markets

CIA Omnigage and Singletrack announce partnership for Capital Markets

New York and London; January 12, 2022 – CIA Omnigage, the multi-channel communications company, and Singletrack, the capital markets engagement platform, today announced a partnership for capital markets, delivering an integrated solution such that calls and voice-to-email blasts made via CIA Omnigage are automatically captured and logged in Singletrack CRM.

Enabling this automatic data capture means that mutual clients of the two firms can more easily track these interactions, alongside others such as emails and meetings, producing a full picture of activity with their customers without having to manually log the interaction. This is essential if the customer is operating under MiFID II rules, and vitally important for any firm wishing to understand how they are servicing their clients.

“CIA Omnigage has been supporting users in the financial industry for 24 years. We initially provided blast voicemail for research analysts on Wall Street and we quickly became the provider of choice by firms globally. We expanded our suite of services to include a range of other solutions to enhance client communication strategies for our end-users. Through our partnership with Singletrack, our integrated communications services are significantly more valuable to clients as interactions are automatically logged in a CRM,” stated CEO Joseph Vaccarella.

“Singletrack is committed to constant improvement of the service we provide, and this partnership with CIA Omnigage makes our clients’ lives easier by removing the necessity to log calls and call-to-emails. This ambient data capture is another step on the journey to data driven advisory, where digital transformation will yield deep customer behavior insights for our clients to better understand customer needs and improve service levels,” said CEO Stuart Berwick.


About CIA Omnigage

CIA Omnigage specializes in communications technology for the financial sector. Its unified platform is supported by a global infrastructure that delivers click-to-dial, voice/SMS/email blast, conference calling services and virtual event solutions. The firm delivers secure and reliable communications services to capital markets professionals to enable efficient client interactions that adheres to an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. CIA Omnigage supports its technology with first-class customer support ensuring its users gain the most value from the service.

About Singletrack

Singletrack is the #1 CRM for leading independent banks and research providers. With offices in London and New York, and over 50 clients around the globe, Singletrack is leading the way in capital markets engagement and research management.

[USE CASE] Major global trading firm leverages mass notification solution for business continuity

[USE CASE] Major global trading firm leverages mass notification solution for business continuity


A major global trading firm with offices across North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia must be prepared to communicate with employees during critical events. The firm must account for a total infrastructure outage and be able to alert employees at a moment’s notice securely.


A delta of the regional and team data is synced throughout the day, providing redundancy if the firm’s data centers are unavailable, including CRMs. Regional leaders have access to the standalone solution with a personalized view of their team. Multiple alert channels, including voice and SMS, are available depending on the nature of the notice. 


The client was pleased with the responsiveness during the integration. During the pandemic, the solution was leveraged to send multiple mass alerts.

CIA Omnigage Appoints Industry Veteran Daniel Duran as new Co-CEO

CIA Omnigage Appoints Industry Veteran Daniel Duran as new Co-CEO

Parsippany, NJ (August 31, 2020) — CIA Omnigage, a provider of premium multi-channel communications solutions, has appointed Daniel Duran, a veteran financial services sales executive, as co-CEO effective September 1, 2020. In his role, Mr. Duran will draw on his 20+ years of experience in sales, strategy, and leadership to accelerate CIA Omnigage’s growth while managing the Company’s strategy, including sales, marketing, and partnerships. 

Mr. Duran was previously vice president of sales at Tier1 Financial Solutions, where he played an integral role in leading the company to triple-digit sales growth. Under his leadership, Tier1 was recognized for two consecutive years on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 North America, which ranks companies based on fiscal year revenue growth over a three-year period. Earlier in his career, he held sales and business development roles at Dow Jones & Company and Dealogic, LLC, selling into the investment banking space. He started his career at Charles Schwab in the capital markets and trading group, serving institutional clients as a senior sales trader.

“I am honored to join CIA Omnigage, a leader in the telecommunications industry that has served Wall Street and global financial institutions for over 20 years,” said Daniel Duran. “As co-CEO, I look forward to strategically building relationships and driving the customer engagement process. With over 100 clients, including some of the world’s largest banks, this company has an established and trusted reputation that alleviates critical communication challenges in what is becoming an increasingly sophisticated technology landscape. My vision is to keep CIA Omnigage one step ahead of what our customers are looking for and ensure client connectivity is achieved as easily and efficiently as possible.”  

Joseph Vaccarella, co-founder and co-CEO of CIA Omnigage, said, “As a company, we are excited to welcome Dan on board. I’ve worked with Dan for many years as a partner, and I admire his knowledge of the industry and strategic vision. His reputation and experience will be integral to our next stage of growth.”

CIA Omnigage has played a key role in alleviating many of the customer relationship and communication issues that firms have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and was recently named Best Cutting-Edge Ops Solution at the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards.


About CIA Omnigage

CIA Omnigage specializes in communications technology for the financial sector and other B2B markets. Its unified platform is supported by a global infrastructure that delivers click-to-dial, voice/SMS/email blast and conference calling solutions. It integrates seamlessly with any commercial CRM or internal system to track client interactions and provides regulatory compliant reporting. Trusted by capital markets for more than two decades, CIA Omnigage’s 24-hour customer service center is staffed by experienced industry professionals ensuring clients benefit from the fastest, most reliable, and flexible services available. Learn more at and follow CIA Omnigage on LinkedIn and Twitter

Media Contact:

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EVP, Media Relations, Paragon PR
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Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared?

Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared?

Right now, US disaster response teams are scrambling to find new ways to protect communities and businesses during hurricane season – and from the COVID-19 pandemic. Business continuity cannot persevere with outdated systems that don’t have the bandwidth to prepare their clients and employees with a scaled, immediate response when disaster unexpectedly strikes.

By implementing premium, trusted multi-channel communication and conference calling solutions, workflows will remain full speed ahead regardless of the severity of surrounding circumstances.

Weathering the Storm Through Communication

According to TIME, the 2020 hurricane season is already setting records for the earliest named Atlantic storms of their respective places in the alphabet. While tropical storms are flooding in faster than ever before and breaking 15-year-old records, early preparation for firms is key. It can be costly to rely on legacy systems that are not cloud-native and offer antiquated customer management methods of communication. To ensure productivity remains at optimal levels, firms need to employ a multi-faceted solution that offers fully-automated conference calling and large-scale operator-assisted virtual events.

CIA Omnigage’s Omnialert provides multi-channel blast communications, including email, voicemail and SMS. With the power of remote, cloud-based connectivity inherent to CIA Omnigage’s multi-channel communications platform, your firm has the ability to initiate notifications to your entire organization — no matter where they are — within seconds.

With operator-assisted conference calls, continuous, dedicated support is available to participants at all times to gather information and monitor sound quality. This fail-safe strategy assists callers in optimizing workflows and streamlining communication so that momentum is never lost and businesses can function effectively.

Information is Power

While natural disasters cannot be controlled, an abundance of caution can help save firms from going under during these turbulent times. A consistent, 360-degree experience for multi-channel communication engagement is one of the many reassuring benefits for firms. Disasters, from hurricanes to pandemics, should not eliminate consistent client contact and the opportunity for growth. 

Keeping in touch is critical during a crisis. Firms that embrace this ongoing digital transformation with new, innovative technologies that can easily share information and ensure close communication will be those seeing continued success. Peak natural disaster season is quickly approaching and securing communication precautions early will deliver better business results when the next storm hits.

Simplifying Data Security in an Increasingly Digital Communication Environment

Simplifying Data Security in an Increasingly Digital Communication Environment

With vast amounts of data being created, exchanged, and stored in different locations each day, companies must rely on the integrity and security of their multi-channel communication tools and data networks to ensure data and customer information is protected. Due to complexity and fragmented tendencies in data management practices, it can be challenging for businesses to implement robust data security. So how can this be simplified? 

A Unified Solution

As data environments become more populated, organizations tend to add a number of different security tools to their already dispersed data. This can result in the inverse outcome of what they were trying to achieve – adding to the complexity and increasing the risk of data breaches. By minimizing the number of tools in play and employing a cloud-based client engagement platform, businesses have a much smoother path to simplifying their data security.

CIA Omnigage has already simplified the data security process by engineering our platform to seamlessly integrate with a customer’s IT network, removing data silos across systems and applications. This makes it easier and safer to move data through multiple CRM’s, as it’s all held one unified space.

As firms gravitate toward long-term remote working plans, it’s imperative that they take the time to consolidate data and workflows. With individuals working from a variety of locations, data has to be a top priority, otherwise valuable customer information and revenue opportunities will be lost.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Over the past few months, there have been countless stories of data breaches on unsecured conferencing solutions, partly because data has not been stored properly. Data gathered through voice, SMS, and email is often stored in a separate, standalone system, leaving information scattered across different locations. Not only does this increase the risk of losing data and creating more information disparities, but it also opens up the potential for more security liabilities.

When using CIA Omnigage, users can natively operate different telecommunications applications to capture all inbound and outbound data and store this information on the platform. It also enables audit trails to track communications and two-factor authentication to ensure both compliance and security at all times.

As industries continue to shift to an increasingly digital and complex environment, a simplified data process means greater efficiency and peace of mind. Having the right multi-channel communications provider makes this essential and, at CIA Omnigage, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the platform’s security features are second to none.

Request your demo today and learn for yourself how we keep user data secure.