How to Host A Successful International Conference Call

How to Host A Successful International Conference Call

Communication Technology is advancing very rapidly every day and the need for secure international conference calling has become vital. Many conference call services today are not able to offer top quality service to international companies who need to host conference calls on a regular basis. In addition, more international regulated businesses have strict compliance rules that require them to guarantee that call participants on a hosted call are the intended audience.

CIA Omnigage, the provider of choice for a number of global firms, delivers a high level of premium sound quality during international conference calls using state of the art secure digital technology. Our clients have remained loyal to us for two decades, and more are choosing CIA Omnigage to host their conference calls. Premium conference services from CIA Omnigage features a real-time portal to view call statistics. In addition, CIA Omnigage also offers expedited transcripts and recordings of any call, giving you the opportunity to stay as organized as possible.

As the provider of choice for many Fortune 500 companies, CIA Omnigage, is perfectly equipped to help you host your international conference calls. With over 20 years of experience hosting large event conference calls that can include audiences in the 1000’s, we are the most trusted company serving the needs of large international organizations.

With plenty of live operators on hand, you can be sure that you’re calling with premium equipment and services.

Large International Hosted Conference Call Features

Host Large Audiences Conference Calls with 1,000’s Participants

Global companies manage calls with 1,000’s of international callers and need to ensure the success of these large event conference calls. Our company handles 1,000s of large audience conference calls each year as a result of our exceptional quality, service and security.

Custom Conference Call Introductions

Live conference call operators will read custom introductions on large audience conference calls at the beginning of each call to convey the agenda. International organizations may also request operators to speak additional languages, such as Spanish and Italian.

Digital Recording and Playback

After the completion of a large event conference call, a recording can be critical. A conference call recording allows international organizations to have access to a recording of the large event call for future reference. And it also allows an organization to provide unlimited or restricted access to the participants who may have been late or not present during the call. Some large hosted organizations can even publish the call to a public audience or segmented audience.

Event Conference Call Transcripts

We can translate your hosted conference call after it is completed so that you have access to an accurate typed document. Portable transcript files can save time and money by giving a company the flexibility to send archived files to a selected audience.

Advanced Conference Call Sound Quality

Having any background noise during a hosted conference call can be an issue, especially for an international conference call. Our advanced digital technology provides crystal clear lines that have made us the choice of Fortune 500 companies for more than 23 years.

Operator Assisted Conference Calls

When hosting large conference calls with many participants it can be extremely important to include highly trained live operators that are able to assist you and your participants. Many large international organizations rely on us to provide them with advanced services with their large event calls or earnings release calls.

Live Stats In Conference Call Participant Portal

When hosting a large event conference call we provide the host portal access that provides a view of audience participation in real-time. The portal can display numerous activities by participants.

Manage Q & A Sessions

Live operators can help control access on a large event conference call, such as being able to mute and unmute participants so that the call remains organized.

Security for Hosting Earning Calls

Most international organizations are requiring strict compliant rules for hosting conference calls. Having a premium conference calling service, such as CIA Omnigage allows companies to experience a secure and robust conference call. By choosing CIA Omnigage, you can make sure that that you are compliant with any federal regulations. Many Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on CIA Omnigage to host their earning calls throughout the year.

A Bold Leap into Asia – International Conference Calling and Advanced Messaging

A Bold Leap into Asia – International Conference Calling and Advanced Messaging

Client Instant Access and Tata Communications partner to provide superior international conference calling and advanced messaging

Client Instant Access and Tata Communications have forged a strategic partnership that will enable the company to extend its state-of-the-art messaging system to the Asian Pacific region. Moving from an Internet-based model to Tata’s IZO Private Connect will allow Client Instant Access to provide strong, clear connections, and will improve the quality of service for its numerous international conference calling clients that rely on the company for Conference Calling, Blast Voice Mail and Integrated CRM Dialer.

Client Instant Access is focused on providing the highest quality messaging service to clients around the globe. The company’s Information Project Technology Manager, Brad Schwartz, sees the partnership with Tata as an important investment, and one that will generate returns for both the company and its customers. “Call quality is crucial to us. We view our relationship with Tata as one that helps us meet the demanding requirements of international communications. Our goal is to exceed the high expectations of our clients.”

The transition from an Internet-based server to Tata’s IZO Private Connect was seamless. Tata provided an integration process that was simple and intuitive. Brad Schwartz recalls, “It was just a matter of applying new settings and assigning new IP addresses. We really appreciated the speed and effortlessness of the turnaround. It was a great experience.”

Given the resounding success of the IZO program in the Asian Pacific region, Client Instant Access plans to leverage the experience of Tata to transform its communications strategy in all of its global markets. The partnership with Tata will enable the company to take a clear leadership role in global communications.

With a long list of the most impressive Wall Street banks and Fortune 500 companies as clients, the company is the clear choice for large capacity messaging services and international conference calling.