[USE CASE] American multinational investment bank receives secure and compliant data solution

[USE CASE] American multinational investment bank receives secure and compliant data solution


An American multinational investment bank and financial services company needed a solution for analysts and sales to disseminate data. With workforces away from their office desk and working from home, interacting with customers has changed. Employees need to BYOD without losing privacy and call logging.


A CTI that natively integrates into Salesforce that can be leveraged within the organization’s custom data hierarchy. The CTI provides an SDK for leveraging events for customizing workflows, such as when a call completes, automatically populating fields of the call report.


Employees were able to use their phones without sacrificing privacy and ensure that call logs were recorded in real-time. Analysts were able to securely share content with sales while ensuring compliance.

Simplifying Data Security in an Increasingly Digital Communication Environment

Simplifying Data Security in an Increasingly Digital Communication Environment

With vast amounts of data being created, exchanged, and stored in different locations each day, companies must rely on the integrity and security of their multi-channel communication tools and data networks to ensure data and customer information is protected. Due to complexity and fragmented tendencies in data management practices, it can be challenging for businesses to implement robust data security. So how can this be simplified? 

A Unified Solution

As data environments become more populated, organizations tend to add a number of different security tools to their already dispersed data. This can result in the inverse outcome of what they were trying to achieve – adding to the complexity and increasing the risk of data breaches. By minimizing the number of tools in play and employing a cloud-based client engagement platform, businesses have a much smoother path to simplifying their data security.

CIA Omnigage has already simplified the data security process by engineering our platform to seamlessly integrate with a customer’s IT network, removing data silos across systems and applications. This makes it easier and safer to move data through multiple CRM’s, as it’s all held one unified space.

As firms gravitate toward long-term remote working plans, it’s imperative that they take the time to consolidate data and workflows. With individuals working from a variety of locations, data has to be a top priority, otherwise valuable customer information and revenue opportunities will be lost.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Over the past few months, there have been countless stories of data breaches on unsecured conferencing solutions, partly because data has not been stored properly. Data gathered through voice, SMS, and email is often stored in a separate, standalone system, leaving information scattered across different locations. Not only does this increase the risk of losing data and creating more information disparities, but it also opens up the potential for more security liabilities.

When using CIA Omnigage, users can natively operate different telecommunications applications to capture all inbound and outbound data and store this information on the platform. It also enables audit trails to track communications and two-factor authentication to ensure both compliance and security at all times.

As industries continue to shift to an increasingly digital and complex environment, a simplified data process means greater efficiency and peace of mind. Having the right multi-channel communications provider makes this essential and, at CIA Omnigage, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the platform’s security features are second to none.

Request your demo today and learn for yourself how we keep user data secure.

Elevating Multi-Channel Engagement Practices – Part 2: Workflow Efficiency

Elevating Multi-Channel Engagement Practices – Part 2: Workflow Efficiency

In Part 2 of Client Instant Access’s thought leadership series on how firms can elevate multi-channel customer engagement, we examine how to optimize workflows, even amidst unpredictable circumstances like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As firms across financial services, healthcare, education, and other industries continue to work remotely – and with many already considering implementing work from home policies longer-term – multi-faceted and secure resources like webinars, blast voicemail, conference calling, integrated dialer and SMS capabilities, provide the efficiency and peace of mind in what has quickly become a heavily-saturated and hectic communications environment.

Communication Remains Critical in Crisis 

Business Continuity will cease to exist for most firms if they do not have the platforms, tools, and systems in place to combat workplace inefficiencies. With a solution like Omnigage, designed with a secure and compliant infrastructure, the tools you need can be integrated within your CRM and deployed overnight so your firm can remain in touch and productive through any crisis.

While blasts are excellent for keeping teams up to speed and distributing service updates to customers, direct communication is equally as important. Omnigage can dial any number in the world while protecting employees’ personal numbers and tracking communication without the use of a PBX. This can be a particularly valuable tool in the banking sector, where analysts can record messages and share with their sales team, who then have the option to leave a personalized message from the analyst when calling client lists.

Due to the accelerated communication contingency issues that arose during the COVID-19 outbreak, Client Instant Access experienced a 75% increase in business in March alone. This not only demonstrates the increased demand for multi-channel communication solutions during a crisis but also Client Instant Access’s ability to rapidly deploy these tools anywhere in the world, at any time. With our state-of-the-art Omnigage platform, remote work has never been easier.

Never Lose Momentum

Working from home is the perfect opportunity to use new communication platforms and connect with co-workers in different ways. Multi-channel communications systems can keep you as engaged and involved as you would be in the office. With all meetings and events now happening in a virtual environment, Client Instant Access has provided a polished and secure atmosphere for thousands of board meetings, Q&A sessions, and business pitches for professionals that would normally occur in-person.

Even communication among team members has become more valuable than ever before. Tools like a built-in team inboxes empower remote workers to collaborate over email and SMS about customer conversations with team members.

For the financial sector specifically, Client Instant Access has helped ensure business continuity for the corporate access sector, allowing leading banks to connect investors with management teams virtually since roadshows and in-person conferences are no longer an option. Whether you’re using conference calling and webinar services, blast voicemail, email, or SMS to connect with clients and co-workers, Omnigage ensures workplace productivity and business continuity.

A loss in productivity means a loss in business momentum. The struggle to rejuvenate workforce efficiency can be an arduous journey but with a secure and proven communication foundation in place, not only are relationships elevated but the confidence in the tools provided is unmatched.

With employees away from their desks, traditional telephony has become upended. Using a modern cloud solution for calling is the solution.

By employing a platform that optimizes workflows, keeps your data secure, and ensures that your firm is ahead of the compliance curve, you are adding a layer of efficiency to what may be a challenging time for many.

Is your communications platform secure? Protect your firm from cybersecurity attacks and data breaches.

Is your communications platform secure? Protect your firm from cybersecurity attacks and data breaches.

The threat posed by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is forcing firms to not only take measures to ensure business continuity and the well-being of its employees – but to also ensure it has a secure and compliant cloud-based communications platform in place. With the number of data breaches and cybersecurity attacks rising daily, a robust multi-channel platform with built-in security and compliance features is critical.

At CIA Omnigage, our top priority has always been to deliver a secure, compliant and easy-to-use multi-channel communications platform. No matter how large your database or where you are in the world, our time-to-market is unmatched by any other firm in the industry.

Take advantage of these CIA Omnigage platform capabilities and more:


Create your own custom HTML email templates with attachments


Send a single message to thousands of contacts and track all responses


Quickly send voice messages to an entire client base or community

The CIA Omnigage team is on standby to quickly help you solve your challenges during COVID-19 and prepare your firm for business continuity in the future.

Healthy wishes,
CIA Omnigage

FinServ Comms Q&A, Markets Media: Joe Vaccarella, Client Instant Access

FinServ Comms Q&A, Markets Media: Joe Vaccarella, Client Instant Access

Joe Vaccarella, CEO and Founder of Client Instant Access examines how the dynamics of multi-channel communications have been impacted since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and how this will alter the landscape for technology and cybersecurity moving forward. 

What are some of the communication challenges firms across the financial sector have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic?

With nearly everyone in the global financial sector working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, secure and streamlined communication solutions have never been more vital. Companies have been forced to rely on alternative resources for meetings, earnings calls, and customer communication. There’s an immeasurable layer of cybersecurity and protection that these platforms must provide clients in the unpredictable climate. Conversations with clients and co-workers are vulnerable to hi-jacking and other disruptive behaviors when they are not streamlined on a secure and trusted platform, as we’ve seen with a number of other providers. 

A system that provides integrated and flexible capabilities through voice, email, SMS/MMS, and phone will be a major asset to firms not only with clients but internally as well. Finding a system that can be quickly deployed, while addressing cybersecurity threats and compliance parameters will be the difference between business continuity and business failure. 

What are some key features that should be encompassed in a reliable and secure multi-channel communications platform? 

Security and compliance have to be the top priority. Although regulators like the CFTC have loosened some of their regulatory parameters on working remotely, security around communication channels needs to perform at optimal levels to ensure that customer information and data is not compromised. 

As far as specific capabilities, customers are still for the most efficient way to deliver messages with a personalized touch. Multi-channel communication platforms should offer state-of-the-art conferencing, dialing and messaging services that can connect users globally. All services should complement one another, whether it be for voice, SMS, or email blasts. A good platform will offer solutions that seamlessly integrate with CRM platforms already in place in under 24 hours and foster a customizable, advanced alert system. 

A platform that is well-equipped and trusted will foster long-lasting relationships and provide the security and efficiency of automation with the attention to detail they would get from working in-person.

In the long-term, how will the pandemic impact how financial institutions approach communication technology and the surrounding cybersecurity protocols?

As more robust and secure communication tactics and strategies come into play during this pandemic, working remotely is slated to become the new normal. We have slowly seen Fortune 500 companies and institutions such as schools, churches, hospitals, and more take advantage of multi-channel communication technology and financial institutions are having to adapt quicker than normal. 

Reliable technology and communication solutions like CIA’s Omnigage that can connect with client relationship management systems make all the difference right now. This transition to consistent, remote work will be aided by these tools and we expect this shift to continue in the years ahead. As communication methods become more sophisticated and the banking and capital markets landscape becomes more electronified, more of the workplace will embrace the work from home lifestyle and it will all happen under unified and nimble communication channels.

This article was originally published on Markets Media.