New Omnigage Platform From Client Instant Access

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Blog, Integrated CRM Dialer, Omnigage, Success Stories, Thought Leadership

In the current digital climate, workers have copious options when deciding how to communicate with clients. Phone, SMS, email, and voice blasts are all ways to reach your clientele, but this wide variety can cause disorganization and hurt communicative efficiency.

Enter the new Omnigage Platform that allows users to integrate their communication needs into a CRM like Salesforce as an embedded terminal. This application is a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking a greater level of coordination within their professional life. Users can manage multiple contact lists and engage with them under customizable rules for formula-based customer interactions. This optimizes the range of your business and is an invaluable tool communications tool.

The embedded dialer allows users to send voice messages, calls and texts individually or to entire contact lists. This sort of power is crucial to businesses seeking to establish a more comprehensive relationship with customers. Metrics are provided to offer key insight into what drives your customers, which helps a company cater to customers more precisely and profitably.

This Omnigage Platform is compliant with Salesforce and other CRMs. Users can integrate this convenient application. Thus duality is representative of the many ways in which this program can help businesses establish close relationships with their clients.

This program also has features that are standard under the Client Instant Access umbrella-like transcriptions for calls, detailed engagement reports, and customizable contact creation. These features are designed for easy use and maximum efficiency when talking with clients. The Omnigage Platform is an essential part of any business getting in touch with clients.