Introducing the Candi Sidebar App – How Sweet it is!

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Blog, Communications

Connecting with clients through Salesforce has never been easier or more efficient

Salesforce is the most ubiquitous customer relationship management software in use today. It enables users to generate leads, to manage data, and to analyze customer activity. But its most basic and important utility is to provide a platform to connect with customers and maximize the impact of the communication. How did Client Instant Access improve on this industry standard?

We made it even easier and more efficient to communicate with customers through Candi, a revolutionary application for Salesforce that provides clients with detailed reporting functions, powerful options, and comprehensive compliance coverage. Client Instant Access saw the challenge clearly: Salesforce users needed an application with an interface and a set of tools to quickly and simply manage their customer base and connect to clients with just one click. Ease of use is perhaps Candi’s most potent attribute.

Using an open CTI, Client Instant Access built a system to integrate with Salesforce Call Center to allow for “one-click” dialing to all Salesforce pages (Accounts, Contacts. Service Tickets, etc.) There is no need for additional list creation. Users have the ability to create and drop a pre-recorded message to a voicemail box. All calls are reported in Salesforce and include important data points such as time of call, length of call, a “live answer” notation, and the name of the message left. Users can write notes after a call and the information is saved in the Salesforce records.

The seamless integration of Candi in the Salesforce sidebar means that the rich functionality that users have come to expect from Client Instant Access remains intact. Candi is among our most intuitive applications and our clients have reported enormous satisfaction with the tools it provides. And because Candi is SOC 2 Certified, it can be used in multiple fields, including health care, finance, law, and education.

Explore the possibilities of the Candi Sidebar application for Salesforce today. For more information, contact Client Instant Access at 973-439-0088 or visit