Elections 2020: Instant Access to Voters

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Blog, Omnigage

The 2020 Election is a month away and it’s crucial that campaigners employ the right tools to keep the general public engaged. Nearly three quarters of Americans remain wary of social media platforms and large technology behemoths misusing their information, so it’s important that people have the peace of mind that technology is secure and non-obtrusive.

Multi-channel communications platforms make this possible by providing a simple and secure way to reach voters instantaneously with real-time notifications in a more secure, virtual environment. As Election Day quickly approaches, it’s not too late to deploy the necessary communication resources and connect with voters, regardless of location.

Real-time Information

During an election, communication strategies must be implemented with great efficiency in mind. With 2020 already being positioned as ‘the remote vote’ campaign, candidates that embrace multi-channel communication tools can more effectively keep their followers up-to-date on breaking news, key event dates and important voting information via voicemail, SMS and email. Informing and engaging voters right up until election day could make or break a voter’s final decision.

CIA Omnigage’s Omnialert powers remote, cloud-based connectivity and allows campaigners to initiate notifications to their entire campaign staff and the broader voting contingent from anywhere at any time. These messages can be scheduled, pre-recorded, and senders can view consolidated lists of responses and metrics after messages are sent.

Users can also customize workflows and set an alert for any undelivered SMS’ to make a follow-up phone call and resend messages to recipients who did not respond the first time around. Through innovative communication tools, campaigners can stay on top of their game and ensure voters are informed 24/7.

Smart, Integrated Solutions

In the age of sophisticated technology and ubiquitous data, voters obtain most of their information during the home stretch of election season and through online political polls. These polls gauge public opinion and seek valuable insights to voting patterns and predictions. However, gathering this critical data can be a laborious and time consuming task that often features a low response rate. Fortunately, multi-channel communication platforms enable polltakers to reach a great number of voters in a more straightforward and efficient manner.

With the Integrated CRM Dialer, a unique click-to-call feature allows pollsters to dial numbers and work through a lengthy contact list quickly. Built with efficiency in mind, the CRM Dialer can easily compile a contact list of polling volunteers for easy access to voters; the user simply clicks a name and the line automatically dials the voter’s number. These lists can also store thousands of contacts, allowing pollsters to reach a larger audience.

The Right Resources

During an election, communication strategies must be implemented with great efficiency in mind. Both Omnialert and CRM Dialer’s main features are designed with speed, accuracy and transparency to bolster businesses and political campaigns that are looking to make waves and build relationships.

Instant access to voters is especially important while much of the public remains under some sort of lockdown or quarantine during the pandemic. With the right resources, the general public can stay-up-to-date and informed on the most current election news until November 3rd – and beyond.