Client Instant Access Offers Smart Solution to Pollsters

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Blog, Integrated CRM Dialer, Success Stories

During election season, Integrated CRM Dialer helps pollsters make thousands of calls in less time

Political polls are an essential tool to engage the voting public and to inform campaigns during the competitive election season. Pollsters survey thousands of people to gauge public opinion and to provide valuable insight to campaigns on voting patterns and predictions. Gathering this critical data is laborious: calls generally garner an 8% response rate, forcing pollsters to dial as many as 20,000 numbers to assemble a 1,000-person survey. Although online polls can be employed to assemble some data, dialed polls provide the most reliable information on the attitude and moods of the public. This information is indispensable to political parties and candidates up and down the ballot.

Enter Client Instant Access (CIA) and the Integrated CRM Dialer. With its unique click to call feature, dialing numbers and getting through a huge contact list can now take less time and be performed with greater efficiency.  Our CRM Dialer allows polling companies to hire fewer pollsters, to cut costs and to glean accurate information.

Our CRM Dialers main features are designed with efficiency in mind.  When a pollster clicks on a potential respondent and the call enters into voicemail, the caller has the option to drop a voicemail immediately and move on to the next person. A CRM Dialer can also easily compile a contact list of polling volunteers for easy access to voters. The user simply clicks on a voter and the line automatically dials the voter’s number. These same contact lists can also be shared among many pollsters, to streamline the process. These contact lists can store thousands of numbers and put them right at the user’s fingertips.

Our CRM Dialer creates a one-stop shop for polltakers to run and evaluate electoral predictions. The program has a convenient note taking section for the pollster to record voter data. In addition, there are transcript services that allow the user to analyze the data from voters. Finally, CIA covers all long distance costs. A CRM Dialer facilitates the entire polling process, saving time and cutting costs.