CIO Review Magazine – Ensuring Customer Engagement in the Covid-era

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Blog, News

This article was originally published in CIO Review Magazine.

The complex nature of the financial services industry impels players to keep pushing their limits in identifying innovative ways to build customer relationships and retain them. While the pressure was already as high as can be, recent events just made the situation more complicated for such entities For years, they have depended on connecting with their clients via phone, email, or Text to provide expertise, guidance, or advice. With so many people working away from the infrastructure built, they are struggling to maintain existing levels of client engagement in a complaint and regulatory friendly way – let alone improving it.

Helping such companies engage consumers even during these trying times is CIA Omnigage by offering a Unified Communications Platform. At its core, the company is in two distinct businesses. They are in the Operator assisted conference calling business, which manages large conference calls ranging from board meetings to research marketing events to quarterly earnings calls. “On the conference calling side, trust is a big part of what our clients want. Our operators have been doing this for a long time, they understand the expectations of our clients and deliver solutions in quiet exceptionalism,” says Daniel Duran, Co-CEO, CIA Omnigage.

CIA Omnigage is also in the communications workflow business wherein they manage “Click to dial,” Email and SMS communications from their stand-alone solution named Omnigage. It is basically a cloud-based communications platform that allows clients to initiate a phone call, email or SMS-Chat from their desktop, anywhere and anytime. “Not only does it allow our clients to interact with their customers seamlessly with a lick of a button, but do so in a compliant way,” says Duran. “The cloudnative nature of platform has enabled many existing and new customers to continue their operations during the pandemic.

It is easy to implement, taking anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on how our clients want to customize it. Once deployed, users can access all their communication tools and customer contact information logging in with a simple username and password.”

With over two decades of trust built up with some of the largest global banks in the world, the company caters to more than 100 clients as of today. Duran adds, “we continuously strive for incremental improvements, and our deep client relationships provide open discussions on achieving them. Additionally, communications is our core competency. For the last 20 + years, it is all we have done. We think there is nothing more important than how you communicate with your customer. It’s not about how the dashboard and used to report on it, but the connection itself is the foal. And we believe no one delivers that connection better than CIA Omnigage.”

He goes on to mention that the future of CIA Omnigage is tied to its ability to deliver communications solutions that work. They want to offer supporting channels of communication that clients will use to connect to consumers. Considering the versatility of its product, the company envisions foraying into the healthcare, real estate, and government sector. CIA Omnigage is also beta-testing an extension of the Omnigage platform, Voicehook, which could ideally digitize voicemails. The product would help customers send a voice message embedded in an email that would contain all the documents intended to be shared along with the audio clip, which can be heard like a podcast. It would also include a call-back feature. CIA Omnigage would be launching this product by the end of Q1. “The level of partnerships will increase dramatically as I see partner eco-systems being a big part of our value add in the coming years. In 2021, our customers can expect the pace of engagement and innovation to increase as we will leave no stones unturned to deliver best-in-class solutions,” says Duran.