Rocked Like a Hurricane: Why Communication Matters in Post-Storm Efforts

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Blast Voice Mail, Blog, Communications, Event, Success Stories

Hurricane season brings the need for quick and effective communication. The unpredictability of the season challenges communication systems and necessitates the smooth execution of a safety action plan. Can you trust your communications system? Are there a variety of methods available that can be used to alert citizens of a potential danger? Is there an infrastructure in place for post-storm relief efforts? A communications system is vital infrastructure in preparing for hurricane season and avoiding disaster.

Early warnings are key, so early engagements with residents are necessary. Client Instant Access offers a wealth of blast services that allow law enforcement professionals to connect with thousands of residents. Whether an email, text, or voice blast, at-risk residents must have time to come to terms with and prepare for a potentially disastrous hurricane. Officials can even have to option to escalate their messages to become more urgent as the storm becomes more imminent. Perhaps the campaign starts with an email blast and progresses to customizable voice blasts.

Preparations for hurricanes start before they show up on a radar map. Formulating an emergency preparedness plan and dispersing it amongst an at-risk area is vital at any time of the year. Beyond hurricanes, a BOLO (be on the lookout) message should be easily available to send out. Whether there’s an impending natural disaster or a dangerous subject on the loose, the public should be easily alerted.

Blast Voicemails that prompt responses can be sent out to gauge how prepared an area is for a storm. This allows a more efficient system of preparation to take hold and can potentially limit the damage sustained from a hurricane. This concept also relates to how these communication systems can more closely connect law enforcement to the people they protect. In an age where law enforcement is mired in controversy, transparency and good service to the public are more important than ever.

Client Instant Access’ Blast Voicemail offers emergency service organizations an easy and reliable way to alert residents of an incoming storm. These organizations can even customize the alerts to correspond with the urgency of their message. This is a solution that looks to ensure and maximize safety during chaotic natural events.

Other products can help communities organize cleaning up the aftermath of a hurricane. Our Auto Dialer and Conference Calling services connect relief services and affected areas.  Users can create contact lists of relief and cleanup services to organize the post-storm effort.  Our communication systems facilitate collaboration, allowing users to focus on the logistics of their business. Hurricanes threaten our way of life; they are violent reminders that humans are subjects on an Earth that acts upon them. Client Instant Access wants to help law enforcement and emergency service organizations command and protect successfully during these natural disasters.